It is estimated that 43% of open franchises are through direct references (this data comes from the North American franchise market, they measure everything), that is, they have started from the recommendation-indication of an independent third party (it does not have a direct economic interest).

To my mind this data is correct, the "word of mouth" effect has a fundamental power when it comes to making a decision.

The trust generated by a board of an "independent" third party has a huge weight when it comes to investing.

How many sales we fall for the opinion of the "wedge" third, and it is normal to happen. In the end the uncertainty and the risk mix explosively. Although the probability (uncertainty) that the approach posed by that person is low, the risk (danger) of losing a high investment exists. A third party will give a greater probability to that weak point discovered ... that there always is, and it will be difficult to refute it.

The ideal example is to fly by plane, the probability of falling is really very low, but the danger is very high, if you fall you do not count it.

Generating content with people is the best way to neutralize that distrust and increase confidence in the business at the same time. Generate content "mostly in video" in the first person where franchisees speak, central service personnel, satisfied customers, employees of the franchise .... is essential. Design of brand image, nice graphics and photographs, plans indicating openings and returns is very good. Relying on your market position, on your fantastic story, but leaning on people is closing the cycle. Suppose you have only 3 stores you start to franchise, your business has little in the market ... you base your strategy on differentiation for quality ... you can achieve a sense of business opportunity, a powerful brand image, taken care of , but ... do not neglect this aspect of people to people, use the videos, the testimonies and the examples.

Look for an emotional differentiation ... you will get that even those who are not going to invest for whatever reason, it is not their moment, they have received or seen that information through a social network, youtube or the form you have used, they refer you To thirds ...


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