Innovation within the expansion department

Apply the latest technologies to sell franchises, and open stores in the deadlines and with the quality committed is essential. We will save time and money, accelerate processes and avoid redundancies in the opening processes.

Some proposals could be:

Virtual visits: Both virtual 100% and 360 views on real stores. Incorporating informative points along the same, defining its content, explaining even the why of each part.

Here we would have a virtual 100%


You must sign up to be given access, your approach is correct to give it value.

You can generate other more detailed tours integrated in the informative process.

link sunset

appears in google street, you could work more ...

They can be 100% focused on describing the business, to sell franchises or for example focusing on some specific aspect of it (visual) To align the teams in the opening. Prevent the visual norms or any other technical aspect from being applied incorrectly. Look at this example:

360 immersive videos Applying 360º videos with informative buttons and specific links will help us to accelerate phases, and above all to poll the candidate. They give more life to the project, to be able to incorporate people in it, they are very attractive.

Render of stores type.

More linked to the processes of opening have already traced the store type to detail (can be already a store already open) allows us to coordinate with the franchisee the execution of your project. Independently that then in parallel is generating the specific project adapted to your local.

link 3d proyectos

Geolocation analysis of the best locations.

There are powerful tools that indicate brands and traffic, you always have to go to the street, of course, but it will allow us to delimit areas.

CRM for the management of candidates, really this is no longer innovative ... although totally necessary.

Specific applications to coordinate the opening teams (product-capabilities, logistics, visual, marketing-communication, HR, visual, civil engineering, architects, internal developer, finance, facility, leasing)

If you do email marketing or you want to schedule accurate communication once the data of the interested party is collected you can also automate those processes through different applications.

Automatically publishing content in social networks in a weekly or monthly planning, spend an entire morning to generate content for social networks and then distribute them in the hours and days that interest you, through these applications.

Really the possibilities of proposing a different process and at the same time more efficient are wide and without an excessive cost. Then there is the knowledge to correctly exploit each tool within each area of ​​the expansion department.


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