FRANCHISING: How to have more quality leads? II

FRANCHISING: How to have more quality leads?

Within an ocean of offers, and in a heads up against our most direct competitors in franchising, getting the attention of potential franchisees has always been complicated.

The complexity of this game has increased over the last decade as multiple online channels appear and completely change the decision-making process of buying a franchise.

It is essential that the expansion department, rather than a sales department role, develop even more its activity centred on communication and online marketing.

Even within the pure sales process we will always have doubts about whether to propose an aggressive sale and seek closure as soon as possible, trying to be the support of the franchisor that determines the viability of the business (we will have lower losses or problems in the future), or to consider that the process itself creates a quality and real interest for the candidate himself.

We must have several aspects ready, so that combined there is a multiplier effect in the generation of quality references. In general, the points to consider are:

1. Specific franchise website. In addition to taking care of the content, design and positioning of the brand's website, we must generate a specific website to market franchises, in which the content must show how we conduct the business. The combination of content and format on this website are essential. A live content, which shows, different aspects of day to day business and how the franchisor intervenes adding value to the relationship. It is not about giving the franchise dossier after providing some data.

2. Video presentation. Only one would suffice. A good shocking and brief summary, which serves as a presentation letter of the firm. Some work in mirror form, focused on the history of a particular franchisee, others for the novelty of the business, explain their peculiarities, a mix of both. It is reinforced in the, our strong point: brand, team, experience, profitability, differentiation .... In the future and seeing how the sales processes are developed we would work in other more specific video approaches, product, client, location .. ., differential elements of the brand.

3. SEO of that franchise website, either natural (it is the objective and hence the content and the news of the information) or through search engines paying, or simply advertising both in specialized portals and through direct search for interests. Working that SEO with companies specialized in search engine positioning (Google mainly in Spain) is vital.

In theory, we would already have a base, to start the process, we would be in the progress over perfection phase ...

4. Social networks .... basically Instagram and youtube, the contents exposed in the previous points must turn over and at the same time adapt to the peculiarities of these two media. Facebook to a lesser extent, since in my opinion it is aimed more at the final consumer, or Linkedin, as a complementary aspect, perhaps if our ideal candidate profile is an entrepreneur who may even already have franchises, we must activate it and take care of this support. Developing content with visual content requires time and art, here the level of execution of the format should be good starting, so be friends with photoshop and premiere or have on your team editing professionals in video format is essential. Of course good designs in pdf, but essential fresh pills with essential aspects that show that the business is alive.

5. Blog, as an extension of the specific website of franchises, we seek to show nuances of the day to day .... from a commercial activity carried out by franchisees or a franchisee, a milestone in the franchise x, any element for Celebrate and show that the business is alive. You can nourish the contents generated by the franchises.

6. Traditional channels ... why not? They are always there, if our budget allows us to look for other sources it is always good. Be it brokers, franchise consultants, franchise portals, magazines (better combined with online presence and interview)

7. Fairs, it is not my favourite... perhaps in certain sectors in full growth and with a broad objective franchisee profile, it may be necessary.

The content must be of value ... always VALUABLE and fresh ... if it is not going to update better or start, it gives a very bad image!

About the content ... another post.


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